heart and soul nebula & double_cluster

Mid-Air Meteor and Milky Way

On September 24, a late evening commercial flight from Singapore to Australia offered stratospheric views of the southern hemisphere's night sky.

A Total Solar Eclipse Reflected

If you saw a total solar eclipse, would you do a double-take?

IC 1795: The Fishhead Nebula

To some, this nebula looks like the head of a fish.

Unusual Mountain Ahuna Mons on Asteroid Ceres

What created this unusual mountain?

Double Cluster Ngc 869 & Ngc 884

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Comet, Heart and Soul

The greenish coma of comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner stands out at the left of this telephoto skyscape spanning over 10 degrees toward the northern constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Mars Approach

Since the distance from Earth to Mars changes drastically as the planets orbit the Sun, Mars' appearance changes dramaticaly.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Blue Moon Tree

Does an alignment like this occur only once in a blue moon?

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Catalog Entry Number 1

Every journey has first step and every catalog a first entry