Northern light

Dancing of Northern light under -40 degree temp in the lake of Athabasca

Northern light

Greenish light scattered over the vegs and shurbland - important to keep skys dark an nature untouched.

Lightning and Orion Beyond Uluru

2021 May 11

Flying Over the Earth at Night II

Badab Soort at Night

Simeis 147: Supernova Remnant

Sand Dunes Thawing on Mars

What are these strange shapes on Mars?

Equinox: The Sun from Solstice to Solstice

Today is an equinox, a date when day and night are equal.

A Long Storm System on Saturn

It was one of the largest and longest lived storms ever recorded in our Solar System.

A Harvest Moon

Famed in festival, story, and song the best known full moon is the Harvest Moon.