M8 and M20 - The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae

The Lagoon and Trifid nebulae are two very famous nebulae in Sagittarius, and both nebulae can be glimpsed with the naked eye (from a dark site), and they are easy to see with binoculars. This picture shows these two nebulae against the background of the dense star fields of the Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy. The Lagoon nebula (M8) is the larger (and brighter) nebula to the south of the smaller Trifid nebula (M20).

Title M8 and M20 - The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae
Hit 3931
Photographer Mohammad RahimiMohammad Rahimi
Location Honejan Esfahan Iran
Camera Canon 6d Modify
Telescope Takahashi EP 180ED
F 2.8
Exposure 45 Min.
Filter IDAS
ISO 2500
Photography Techniques Stack
Accessories AGA1 Autoguider
Date of photography 8/2017

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