Vardij is a village in north west of Tehran, it's unknown for most of urban people even who is living near that. Dose not exist complete information about that on net, I was looking for a place near by the city with landscape astrophotography ability. The distance was just about 18 Km, that was best option for me to testing first startrail experience.
I was not sure about Rocks direction, safety, weather, etc. just wanted to have some experiences so I decided to go there that night at 9 PM. after a light hiking, finding best vista toward Polaris and taking some test shots, I started the impossible mission and taking 538 shots without remote controller :D.
Finally after 4 hours Resistance it finished. I was just hoping cause I had taken them by hand... after editing shots in Lightroom and blending them by Starstax I achieved to this satisfying picture, but I'm not sure about the quality.
Canon 70D, Canon 18-135 mm, f3.5, ISO 800, 20 sec, 538 images stacked.
Hit 1922
Photographer Ali BazazanAli Bazazan
Location Vardij, Tehran, Iran
Camera Canon 70D
Lens Canon 18-135
Lens Aperture 3.5-22
F 3.5
Exposure 20"
Filter UV
ISO 800
Photography Techniques Star trail
Accessories tripod
Date of photography ‎November ‎7, ‎2017

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