Lights of Old (Pacman Nebula)

Pacman Nebula
(NGC 281 & LBN 615)

L: 40×4 min [no filter]
RGB: (30:30:30)×2 min
No dark; 30 flat; 200 bias
Gain 200
Title Lights of Old (Pacman Nebula)
Hit 2886
Photographer رضا حکیمیرضا حکیمی
Location دماوند - روستای مومج
Camera ZWO ASI 1600mm-c
Lens Aperture 4
Telescope Quattro 10 CF
F 1000
Exposure 5:40 Hours
Filter Astronomik RGB 1.25
Photography Techniques C-RGB
Accessories ZWO 120mm for autoguiding

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