1901 Photograph: The Orion Nebula

By the turn of the 20th century advances in photography contributed an important tool for astronomers.

Shadowed Moon and Mountain

On July 16 the Moon celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 with a lunar eclipse.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Dark Nebulas across Taurus

Sometimes even the dark dust of interstellar space has a serene beauty.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: A Plurality of Singularities at the Galactic Center

A recent informal poll found that astronomers don't yet have a good collective noun for a group of black holes, but they need one.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: When Roses Aren't Red

Not all roses are red of course, but they can still be very pretty

Alone Under Starry Night

Alone in The Dark

تنها با آسمان

Alone under moon light

Be Alone

alone with Night Sky

آن هنگام که همه خوابند , نگاه میکنم به آسمان شب ، همه جا تاریک و بی صدا , ستاره ای نیست تا سکوت غریبانه ام را برایش بخوانم ,, تنها و خاموش می نشینم.. بر روی آخرین دیوار شب ( پرویز طارمی )