A Meteor and the Gegenschein

2021 May 12

milky way

milky way next to planets and M31

perseid meteor shower 2020

perseid meteor shower

Io Eclipse Shadow on Jupiter from Juno

What's that dark spot on Jupiter?

Water Vapor Discovered on Distant Exoplanet

Where else might life exist?

A Long Storm System on Saturn

It was one of the largest and longest lived storms ever recorded in our Solar System.

Little Planet to Exoplanets

Of course this little planet is really planet Earth in a digitally stitched 360 x 180 degree mosaic captured high in the Chilean Atacama desert.

Pluto in True Color

What color is Pluto, really? It took some effort to figure out.

Perijove 11: Passing Jupiter

Here comes Jupiter!

The Spider Nebula in Infrared

Will the spider ever catch the fly?