Milky Way Timelapse

Perijove 11: Passing Jupiter

Here comes Jupiter!

Recycling Cassiopeia A

Massive stars in our Milky Way Galaxy live spectacular lives.

Leaving Earth

What it would look like to leave planet Earth?

Lenticular Clouds over Mount Etna

What's happening above that volcano?

Elements in the Aftermath

Massive stars spend their brief lives furiously burning nuclear fuel.

Moonquakes Surprisingly Common

Why are there so many moonquakes?

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Earthrise: A Video Reconstruction

About 12 seconds into this video, something unusual happens.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Tiny Planet Timelapse

You can pack a lot of sky watching into 30 seconds on this tiny planet. Of course, the full spherical image timelapse video was recorded on planet Earth, from Grande Pines Observatory outside Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station

Have you ever seen a rocket launch -- from space? A close inspection of the featured time-lapse video will reveal a rocket rising to Earth orbit as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).