Lout Desert

عکاسی شب دشت کویر طرود شاهرود

Night Photography of desert of Troud in Iran photo shot by Nikon D610

آسمان شب

طلوع صور فلکی زمستان شکارچی ،ارابه ران و ثور (گاو) ساعاتی قبل از طلوع خورشید در آسمان کویر خارا اصفهان

Desert at night

Night Sky

Da Vinci Rise

An old Moon rose this morning, its waning sunlit crescent shining just above the eastern horizon before sunrise.

Little Planet to Exoplanets

Of course this little planet is really planet Earth in a digitally stitched 360 x 180 degree mosaic captured high in the Chilean Atacama desert.

Milky Way is over the desert

La Silla Eclipse Sequence

The road to the high mountaintop La Silla Observatory in the Chilean Atacama Desert also led to totality in the path of July 2nd's total solar eclipse.