Shows the way

There is an Observatory for 900 years ago made by Khaje-Nasir-Toosi; an Astronomer, Mathematician and Philosopher of history of IRAN. This building was in the "Silk Road" to show astronomical data and navigation for passengers in this way. In fact this is an perfect observatory without any observation tools for 900 years ago
عنوان تصویر Shows the way
بازدید 187
ارسال توسط حامد قادریحامد قادری
مکان عکاسی Radkan Tower
دوربین عکاسی Canon EOS 6D
لنز Canon 24-105 mm
دیافراگم 4
F 24
سرعت/ نوردهی 20s
ISO 800
تکنیک عکاسی Panorama with 2 Shots

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