سحابی رز Rosette nebula

Rosette nebula and Sh2-280 H-Alpha channel
Canon EOS 6D modified (Baader)
Vixen VSD100 f/3.8
Paramount MX + The SkyX
9 x 10 min H-Alpha data at ISO 3200 (Baader 7nm Ha filter)
Orion 50mm guidescope + Orion Starshoot autoguider + PHd guiding
Images plus + PS CC
Jaban, Iran
Title سحابی رز Rosette nebula
Hit 988
Location Jaban, Iran
Camera Canon EOS 6D modified
Telescope Vixen VSD100 f/3.8
F 3.8
Filter Sh2-280 H-Alpha channel
Accessories Paramount MX + The SkyX Orion 50mm guidescope +

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