The Interstellar Clouds of Orion

The constellation of Orion is much more than three stars in a row.

A part of barnard loop and Messier 78

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Barnard 150: Seahorse in Cepheus

Light-years across, this suggestive shape known as the Seahorse Nebula appears in silhouette against a rich, luminous background of stars.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Orion in Red and Blue

When did Orion become so flashy? This colorful rendition of part of the constellation of Orion comes from red light emitted by hydrogen and sulfur (SII), and blue-green light emitted by oxygen (OIII).

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Camera Orion

Do you recognize this constellation?

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Catalog Entry Number 1

Every journey has first step and every catalog a first entry

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Horsehead: A Wider View

Combined image data from the massive, ground-based VISTA telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope was used to create this wide perspective of the interstellar landscape surrounding the famous Horsehead Nebula

M78, apart of Barnard loop and VDB 62, 63

سحابی های پیپ و مار

سحابی های بارنارد ۵۹ – ۷۸ – ۷۷ (سحابی پیپ) و بارنارد ۷۲ (سحابی مار)

Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2)

گزارش کامل به زودی در سایت گروه بارنارد