Astronomy Picture of the Day: A Powerful Solar Flare

It was one of the most powerful solar flares in recorded history. Occurring in 2003 and seen across the electromagnetic spectrum, the Sun briefly became over 100 times brighter in X-rays than normal.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Fire on Earth

Sometimes, regions of planet Earth light up with fire.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Gaia's Milky Way

This grand allsky view of our Milky Way and nearby galaxies is not a photograph.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: NGC 247 and Friends

About 70,000 light-years across, NGC 247 is a spiral galaxy smaller than our Milky Way

Using the D810A DSLR for Deep Space and Nebulae Astrophotography

Photographing the Night Sky


I've been lost in void of extrusions. 538*20sec, 18mm, f3.5, ISO800.